SDT200 Ultrasound tool

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The SDT Ultrasound SDT200 is an affordable tool to hear air leaks, trend and monitor bearing condition and safely inspect electrical panels. FREE SHIPPING*

The SDT200 ultrasound tool is an affordable ultrasound tool to hear air leaks, trend and monitor the condition of your bearings, safely inspect electrical panels and schedule repairs on your own terms, long before they shut you down. The SDT200 base system includes:

  • SDT200 instrument with built-in battery, ultrasound sensor, laser pointer and temp sensor
  • SDT200 temperature function key activation
  • Behind the neck (hardhat) headphones
  • Battery charger and USB cable
  • Cable For Sensor, Lemo to Lemo, Coiled
  • Onboard sensor extension with rubber tip
  • RS2T threaded contact sensor
  • Magnetic sensor base
  • Shoulder strap
  • Leather belt holder with clip
  • Datadump software activation key
  • SDT930 custom carrying case
  • Other sensors are available including needle and flex sensors.


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