The SDT TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to assess the condition of steam traps and valves. FREE SHIPPING*


The SDT TrapChecker is a specialized ultrasound tool meticulously crafted to detect internal turbulence caused by faulty steam traps and malfunctioning valves within your steam system.


  • Streamlined

    Inefficient steam systems not only waste energy but also compromise product quality. The SDT TrapChecker is a precise ultrasound solution engineered to pinpoint failed steam traps across various styles and failure modes, ensuring optimal system performance.


  • Effortless

    Using the TrapChecker is a breeze. Simply unbox the device, connect the sensor, and instantly discern the distinction between a well-functioning and a defective steam trap. Its vivid color display offers dependable, precise digital measurements, making assessment effortless.


  • Cost-Effective

    Up to 40% of your steam traps may be operating in a state of disrepair. With the TrapChecker’s affordable initial investment and the considerable cost of energy, your expenditure on this tool could be recuperated after just one use, making it a cost-effective solution.


The SDT TrapChecker: Your Ultrasound Solution for Steam Trap and Valve Condition Assessment.


The TRAPChecker system includes:

SDT TRAPChecker Receiver

Battery Alkaline 1,5V AA, 2 Pack

3.2″ RS2N Contact Sensor, Needle, w/o Cable

Cable For Sensor, Lemo to Lemo, Coiled

Headphones, Neckband

USB Cable

Screwdriver For Battery Cover

SDT915 Custom Carrying Case



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