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Welcome to Precise Reliability Services home page. Precise Reliability Services use the latest technologies and tools to provide the highest quality service for your facility. We also provide in-depth implementation, coaching and training for reliability products.

Accurate shaft alignment reduces energy use and cost, reduces asset downtime, spare parts inventory and improves employee safety. Proper shaft alignment should include soft foot checks and soft foot correction and allow for thermal growth compensation to ensure that the asset is aligned properly at operating conditions.

Ultrasound is a very versatile technology. Ultrasound is the best method to grease bearings properly, increasing asset uptime. With ultrasound we can find costly vacuum and pressure  leaks. We can check vehicles, vessels and heat exchangers for tightness before pressure or vacuum is applied to them. We can monitor bearings, valves  and steam traps for condition to ensure the highest performance from them while also reducing energy costs on supporting systems.

Training is important with today’s reliability tools to ensure that they are used properly and to their full capabilities. We offer on-site training for ultrasound and shaft alignment tools to ensure that the systems you have invested in are being used to their fullest potential. We also offer on-site coaching for both disciplines.


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Lubrication services can range from basic implementation programs to full service lubrication programs.

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Common ultrasound applications are lubrication, leak detection, condition monitoring, steam trap inspection and tightness testing.

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Laser alignment

We use the latest Laser Alignment tools to  align your machines right. We also offer thermal growth studies, geometric measurements and more.

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training and coaching

Training  and Coaching on site for shaft alignment and ultrasound.

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Vibration analysis

We use the latest vibration data collectors to create databases and routes, collect data and perform analysis of the data.

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