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SDT Sonavu ultrasound imaging camera for ultrasonic air leak detection and electrical asset reliability. Store, organize, analyze and report your measurements with Sonavu Insights reporting software.

SDT Sonavu Ultrasound Camera


The SDT Sonavu ultrasound imaging camera makes finding air and vacuum leaks as well as electrical faults such as corona, partial discharge and tracking easy. You will be able to see, hear and record the leaks and electrical faults. With the included Sonavu Insights reporting software you can generate leak and electrical reports and put a dollar value to found leaks.


Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

With the SDT SonaVu acoustic imaging camera, conducting a compressed air leak survey becomes remarkably simple. The SonaVu™ is capable of pinpointing leaks from distances of up to 150 feet, even in challenging, inaccessible areas.

If you haven’t conducted a compressed air survey recently, or if you’ve never undertaken a leak survey at your facility, it’s highly probable that your system is plagued with leaks. A leaking compressed air system can have detrimental effects on product quality and production efficiency.

While compressed air systems may vary in size and expense, one constant remains: approximately 75% of the cost of an air compressor system is attributed to the energy used for air compression. With electricity accounting for 75% of expenses, leaks in the system can devour 35-40% of the demand. These leaks significantly diminish profits.

Air Compressor Costs

Electrical reliability

Unreliable electrical machinery and equipment can incur millions of dollars in downtime and repair costs. Moreover, they pose a significant threat to workers, potentially resulting in injuries or fatalities. Statistics compiled by the IEEE indicate that insulation failure accounts for up to 90% of electric switchgear defects.

Interestingly, the age of equipment has minimal bearing on reliability. Approximately 80% of failures stem from poor workmanship or quality-related issues. The IEEE has determined that common causes of electrical asset failures include water ingress, cracked insulators, and subpar workmanship during installation or maintenance.

The scanning process is uncomplicated. Simply connect the noise-canceling headphones to the SonaVu™ device and position the sensors towards potential sources of issues. As partial discharge generates ultrasound, the sensors detect it, with their precise location displayed on the screen. With just a tap, you can capture either a video or still image for inclusion in your inspection report. It’s as straightforward as that!

Regular ultrasound inspections on your electrical equipment will reveal partial discharge at its earliest stages and keep workers safe.

Fugitive Emissions

Refineries and oil and gas (O&G) plants grapple with the challenge of identifying and mitigating sources of leakage into the atmosphere. Fugitive emissions encompass both intentional and accidental leaks, necessitating thorough detection and elimination efforts.

The term “fugitive emissions” underscores the importance of locating and rectifying these leaks. The risks associated with fugitive emissions range from nuisance odors to severe, hazardous threats to the safety of plant personnel and nearby communities.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions offers a solution with its innovative SonaVu™ technology, designed specifically for detecting fugitive emissions. The SonaVu™ is a multi-frequency acoustic imaging camera that integrates visual and auditory senses to pinpoint fugitive emissions accurately.

When high-pressure compressed gas escapes from pipes or valves into lower-pressure zones such as the atmosphere, it creates a pressure differential, resulting in ultrasonic turbulence. By scanning potential hot zones with the SonaVu™, inspectors can identify sources of dangerous and costly leaks. Moreover, since the SonaVu’s ultrasonic detection capabilities are unaffected by wind, inspectors can conduct scans both indoors and outdoors with confidence.

What is a sonavu acoustic imaging camera?

The SDT SonaVu™ employs 112 ultrasound sensors alongside an optical camera to effectively identify Sources of airborne ultrasound, which it then translates into a visual image displayed on its vibrant, color touch screen.

Ultrasound is generated when assets undergo processes involving Friction, Impacting, or Turbulence (FIT). While there are normal levels of FIT, they can escalate rapidly as defects worsen. SonaVu™ is capable of detecting various sources of airborne ultrasound, including compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, gas leaks, partial discharge, fugitive emissions, squeaking, rattling, and rubbing.

By providing a visual link to sources of FIT during routine inspections, SonaVu™ enhances inspection processes. It acoustically pinpoints defects from a safe distance while simultaneously capturing their precise location visually in either image or video format.

Utilizing an acoustic imaging camera, these defects and failure modes can be visualized and precisely identified from distances of up to 50 meters150 feet away. Moreover, the user-friendly visualization capabilities of SonaVu™ make it straightforward to operate. With minimal training, maintenance technicians can swiftly and confidently inspect their assets for defects.

SonaVu Insights™

SonaVu InSights™ is a free web application for creating instant reports of compressed air leak and electrical asset surveys. The SonaVu InSights™ Image and Report Library is a secure place to store, organize, analyze, and prioritize your findings with your SonaVu™ Acoustic Imaging Camera. Document findings, prioritize repairs, estimate cost impact, eliminate energy waste, and save money with this free application.

Features for Compressed Air Leak Management with Sonavu insights™

  • Upload unlimited leak survey data, images, and videos with lightning-fast speeds.
  • Instantly calculate financial losses and savings impacts caused by leaks.
  • Organize surveys by location, date & time, technician, smart naming conventions, notes.
  • Manage compressor systems & compressed air electricity costs.
  • Continuously integrate team discussion into a single living report.

Features for Managing Electrical Assets with SonaVu InSights™

  • Upload and store unlimited survey data, images, and videos with lightning-fast speeds.
  • Organize findings based on different parameters chosen by the technicians, managers, or planners.
  • Determine types of Partial Discharge using Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD).
  • Continuously integrate team discussion into a single living report.



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