SDT340 ultrasound vibration

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The SDT340 allows you to measure, trend and analyze asset health by viewing ultrasound and vibration time signal and spectrum on the SDT340’s color display. FREE SHIPPING*

Detect, Trend, and Analyze Ultrasound and Vibration


The SDT340 ULTRASOUND SYSTEM continues the SDT legacy of excellence providing data our customers can trust.

With the SDT340 you can detect, trend, and analyze asset health by viewing the ultrasound and vibration time signal and spectrum directly on the color display.

Manage the results, create routes, analyze the data and organize your condition monitoring strategy with Ultranalysis® Suite 3 software. Control any combination of assets and tasks thanks to its flexibility.

  • The 3.5’’ color display gives you a crystal clear view in the darkest conditions.
  • Record time waveform data up to 10 minutes in duration with enhanced signal data.
  • Recall historical data for trending and alarming in-the-field acquisition.
  • The intuitive interface to UAS3 allows for data collection in “off-route” mode.
  • Enhance productivity in the field with on-screen time signal, spectrum, split screen view, and icon navigation.
  • Experience enhanced impact detection with focUS Mode. See defects others simply cannot.
  • Pan and expand your time signal or spectrum and list the highest values to improve in-field diagnosis.
  • Cut the cord with SDT340 ultrasound tool’s high definition Bluetooth headphones.


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Tech Specs

On-board measurements Ultrasound, Vibration, Infrared temperature and Tachometer.
Dual Sensor Inputs One for ultrasound measurement and one for vibration.
Time signal and spectrum On-screen time waveform and FFT. Panning and zooming for signal navigation. Display of the 10 highest values.
Frequency range 20 kHz to 50 kHz (ultrasound). 10 Hz to 10 kHz (vibration)
Sampling rate 32, 64, 128 and 256 kHz oversampling FocUS Mode
Signal length per recording 600 seconds (32 kHz sample rate) or 150 seconds (128 kHz focUS Mode )
Data memory 4.2 GB allowing the storage of 71 minutes of signal sampled at 128 kHz or 286 minutes at 32 kHz
Sensitivity Class I instrument exceeding ASTM 1002-11 requirements for gas leak detection using the appropriate sensor.
Display Full color TFT 3.5” screen 320×480. Active area: width 48.96 mm (1.93”) x height 73.44 mm (2.89”)
Bluetooth For audio streaming
Housing Extruded aluminum, shock proof rubber protections
Dimensions L x W x H 221 x 93.5 x 44 mm (8.7 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches)
Weight 720 g (25.4 oz), including battery
Headphone Wired headset and wireless Bluetooth headset. The SDT340 is compliant to noise exposure health and safety requirements when using SDT provided models.
Warranty Lifetime


SDT340 Brochure

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