SDT270 Ultrasound tool

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The SDT270 is a full featured ultrasound, vibration, temperature and RPM measurement tool. FREE SHIPPING*

This SDT270 is a full featured ultrasound tool. Measure ultrasound, temperature and RPM with on-board sensors and two sensor inputs for external ultrasound and vibration sensors and accessories. The 270 is great for measuring air and vacuum leaks, bearing condition and monitoring. You can also monitor valves, steam, hydraulic systems, electrical faults and valve monitoring. It uses four condition indicators (RMS, Max RMS, Peak and Crest Factor) to allow for more thorough diagnosis. Each ultrasound and vibration measurement also records a clear, accurate and scaled .wav audio file so the measurement can be listened to in the available UAS3 software as part of the analysis.


Mechanical Condition Monitoring

Identify early-stage bearing defects to prevent unplanned failures.


Bearing Lubrication Monitoring

The right amount of lubricant at the right interval with acoustic lubrication


Compressed Air & Gas Leak Detection

Find Air Leaks. Decrease Energy Consumption. Maximize Uptime.


Electrical Equipment Fault Detection

Safely Inspect Electrical Systems with Ultrasound.

  Steam Trap Testing and Maintenance

Keep Your Steam Clean, Safe And Energy-Efficient.


Hydraulic Systems Monitoring

Detect leakage, by-passing and blockages.

  Valve Condition Monitoring

When your valves are closed, are they really closed?


Tightness Testing

Ultrasonic tightness testing offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability.

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SDT340 ultrasound system(Opens in a new browser tab)

SDT Paradish2 sensor(Opens in a new browser tab)

SDT RS2T threaded sensor

UAS3 Software

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