SDT Ultranalysis Suite 3

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SDT Ultranalysis suite 3 provides powerful flexibility to manage any combination of assets; from a few hundred to several thousand.

SDT Ultranalysis suite 3 provides powerful flexibility to manage any combination of assets; from a few hundred to several thousand.


An asset database is your condition monitoring roadmap. SDT Ultranalysis Suite 3 is compatible with SDT270, SDT340 and LUBExpert providing the flexibility to manage any combination of assets and tasks. Furthermore, you can manage data in your own language, UAS3 features seven languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish. Organizing your condition monitoring program has never been easier with UAS3.

  • Hierarchical tree structure with seven levels
  • Tree structures grouped in data folders
  • Unlimited tree structures and data folders
  • Expand/Collapse of any level node
  • Copy, Paste, Rename, Drag-and-Drop edit functions
  • User login rights for Administrator, Writer, Reader
  • Third party data access with any SQL query tool
  • Available in single user or network version

Dashboards bring essential information into focus. UAS3 uses powerful widgets that report, in a single view, operational changes. Widgets include:


The Static Trend

Build your trend directly from the measurement matrix by clicking on the condition indicators you want to see. Overlay Acceleration, Velocity, Ultrasound overall and max RMS, Peak, Crest Factor, RPM and Temperature for direct defect correlations and comparisons.



The Time Waveform

UAS3 adds powerful levels of control and functionality. A new timeline bar drills down to the millisecond of any measurement sample. Then, use the Sample Disposal icon to remove unwanted portions of the signal. Once deleted, SDT Ultranalysis Suite 3 does a smart recalculation of the condition indicators. No other software allows you the flexibility to remove bad data and recalculate in the comfort of your office chair.

A new playback cursor travels in step with the signal allowing analysts to follow every click, pop, crackle, squeak, and rub. UAS3 automatically labels the 10 highest impact points of the signal.


The Spectrum

The 3rd generation of UAS features a new and innovative algorithm for ultrasound signal processing. We can say, with full confidence, there is nothing else like this in the market. The Ultrasound Envelope Power Spectrum (UEPS) displays the source defect frequencies. UEPS displays the primary and harmonic frequencies of any machinery defect.

What this means for ultrasound analysts:

  • root failure cause and failure evolution effects beautifully present themselves in the FFT view. Fault patterns leap of the computer screen and copy/paste easily into asset report documents.
  • UEPS is the perfect tool for diagnosing defects in rotating machines, bearings, gear mesh, reciprocating valves, partial discharge, steam traps, valves, and more


Audio recording

Each ultrasound and vibration measurement automatically records an audio file that can be replayed at anytime. Example audio recordings:

UAS3’s spectrum diagnostic capabilities make it the best platform integrating ultrasound and vibration predictive analysis. Want a global view of your asset health? Look no further than UAS3.


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