Laser Alignment services


Couple6 dimensions Screen

laser Shaft alignment service

We use state of the art tools to align your equipment. Machine trains from two machines to twenty or more. We can include thermal growth compensation from one of our thermal growth studies or numbers supplied by you. Short flex couplings, spacer shaft couplings or we can do alignments uncoupled if necessary.  Soft foot is checked and corrected. All alignments can be done to ANSI/ASA S2.75-2017 standards. All alignments include a concise report of the alignment including as found, as left and photos of the machine aligned. IR images available on request of the machine running before and after alignment.



thermal growth

We take measurements of your machine while it is running to determine positional change to ensure that the alignment you do is getting the results you need. Establishing your thermal growth numbers can be done with hot alignments or calculated with the TLC formula.  Hot alignments lack accuracy due to temperature lost while shutting down, getting covers off and setting up the alignment tool. Calculating thermal growth numbers doesn’t allow you to account for changes horizontally, only vertically. We measure directly on the machine with it running. We mount the alignment sensors and get all of the setup done before the machine is started or shut down (hot to cold or cold to hot) so you can “see” how your machines move.


Optional Flatness Measurement

geometric measurements

Geometric measurement capability includes basic machine base twist, flatness, level and straightness. We can measure compressor frames, rolls, extruders, complex machine tool measurements and more.


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