The SDT HATCHecker is an ultrasound solution designed to test the integrity of vessels for weathertightness. FREE SHIPPING*




When it comes to confirming the weathertight integrity of vessels and compliance with regulations, look no further than the SDT HATCHecker. Our state-of-the-art solution combines advanced technology with a lightweight, compact, and robust design, perfectly suited for the challenging marine environment.



Experience ease of use like never before with the SDT HATCHecker. Its ergonomic and revolutionary design, coupled with a vibrant color display and a limited number of user-friendly keys, simplifies the process. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a maritime professional, you can rely on this device for pinpoint accuracy in detecting leaks on board ships.



SDT’s long-standing reputation for quality and engineering excellence, coupled with our innovative design approach, ensures that the SDT HATCHecker is both the most suitable and cost-effective solution for addressing hatch cover leaks.


  • Included with HATCHChecker system:

    SDT HATCHecker Receiver

    Battery Alkaline 1,5V AA, 2 Pack

    FLEX2 Flexible Airborne Sensor, 16mm Tip, w/o Cable

    Cable For Sensor, Lemo to Lemo, Coiled

    Extension Pole For Airborne Sensors

    T-Sonic9 Ultrasound Transmitter

    T-Sonic9 Rubber Holster, Magnetic

    Battery Alkaline 1,5V AA, 6 Pack

    Remote for T-Sonic9, Bluetooth

    Shoulder Strap

    USB Cable

    Headphones, Neckband

    USB Cable

    Screwdriver For Battery Cover

    HATCHecker Custom Carrying Case, Black Latches


Sherlog reporter app for Android devices allows you to:

  • Create a survey for a specific ship and type of hatch cover.
  • Perform your on-site functional test and log test results.
  • Indicate leaky areas, whether spots or linear leaks, on dedicated hatch cover, window or door formats.
  • Assign one or more photographs to leak sites.
  • Synchronize your survey with the web platform.
  • Send or share your final hatch cover test report with principals or colleagues in real time.
  • Log-in to the SDT web platform to manage your surveys.


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*FREE ground shipping in the continental US.

SDT340 Ultrasound tool(Opens in a new browser tab)


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