Ultrasound services


Bearing mount

lubrication programs

We offer three levels of lubrication programs. Our basic level provides database creation along with initial measurements to get your program going fast and easy. The next level includes additional measurements to focus the program. Both of these levels include hands-on with your lube techs to ensure they are ready to operate the program when we are done. At the third level we create and maintain the database, take data and provide lubrication. Full reporting is provided on all levels including grease used, bearing condition and temperature.


Steam Trap Routes

steam trap routes

We will create a database including all of your steam traps and then a route is created. During steam trap surveys malfunctioning traps are located, tagged and a photo is taken. A report is provided with the tag number of the malfunctioning trap, pre and post temperature, it’s location, a WAV file of the trap and a picture.


Leak detection

leak surveys

We provide leak surveys for both pressure and vacuum. These surveys are for pressurized gas and liquids as well as vacuum. Leaks are located, tagged and a photo is taken. A report is provided with the tag number, location, estimated cost of the leak and severity as well as a picture of the leak location.

Tightness testing

tightness testing

Tightness testing is done using an ultrasonic transmitter on the inside or outside of a sealed object, then an ultrasound sensor is used on the opposing side to check for leaks. This can also be done using pressurized air instead of the transmitter. Some examples of things we can tightness test are storage containers, ship hatches, vehicles and heat exchangers.


Condition Monitoring

condition monitoring

We can measure many different things with ultrasound and monitor them over time. For example, ultrasound can be used to detect bearing failures before it is seen with vibration analysis. We can also use ultrasound to detect defective or worn-out couplings, gears  and the condition of valves (open/closed/leaking).


Other applications

other applications

With ultrasound tools we measure F.I.T. (friction, impacting and turbulence). If your application has one of these that needs to be measured chances are we can do it.

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