Calibration is important to ensure that your tools are operating at the highest accuracy. Calibrations are recommended every two years for most SDT products, or one year to maintain the lifetime warranty. Calibrations for Hamar Laser shaft alignment tools are recommended every 2 years. Please see the information below for returning systems for repair or calibration.

SDT Ultrasound products:

We offer calibration and repair for SDT ultrasound products including the LubeXpert, SDT200, SDT270, SDT340 and other SDT ultrasound products. To maintain their lifetime warranty SDT products need to be calibrated annually.  

Please send complete systems to:

Precise Reliability Services

Attn: Repairs

75 Clairedan Dr,

Suite A,

Powell, OH 43065


Hamar Laser does repairs and calibrations at their facility in Danbury, CT.

Please send Hamar repairs and calibrations to:
Hamar Laser
Attn: Repairs
5 Ye Olde Road
Danbury, CT-USA 06810

Before shipping repairs or calibrations, please

email us

to let us know it is on it’s way.